“Raak wys” campaign: Finance Tips

Checklist for local and regional office bearers


must be in sequence no cheques must be made out as cash used cheques must be perforated (punch holes in) cross check amount written on cheques with: financial statement and bank statement the word cancelled/spoilt must be written across the cheque if the cheque has been cancelled.

Cheque requisition

make sure that the cheque number, date and total on the form corresponds with the change attached must be signed by both the regional secretary and administrator must be a voucher for each payment/withdrawal cross check voucher with payment/withdrawal


must be a request for transport vouchers for each request amount on voucher must correspond with request


make sure change for the meal allowance, transport, meetings and workshops are re-deposited and receipted in your receipt book. Cross check receipt book with deposit book/slips, bank statement and financial statement.

Telephone/fax, other

cross check amount on statement with amount paid. When balance shows always check previous payment/voucher.

LOE form

name of member, ID number, name and date of meeting attended, rate of pay and amount to be paid should reflect on form. Company rubber stamp or copy of pay-slip should be attached.

Excess km claims (organisers)

only claims over 1111 km to be paid 70c per km claims from home to office, or any shorter distance travelled, not claim-able claims must be signed by LOB/ROB.

Petty cash statements/vouchers

vouchers must accompany statements vouchers/payment only for inexpensive needs in office eg. Coffee, milk etc.

Worker leaders are not in control of the Union finances. They depend a great deal on staff's honesty. They lack training in how to cross check financial statements. This came out of an assessment workshop in November 2000. Guidelines were then developed and last year the Western Cape regional executive committee, held a workshop for all local office bearers, local administrators, regional sub-structure office bearers and the local co-ordinators.

The region decided that:

each local should elect one local office bearer who will be responsible for finances the finance and administration report must be an item on the local shop steward council agenda the local office bearer responsible for finances must monitor the following on a monthly basis:

Petty cash:

check whether money was spent correctly check supporting vouchers for petty cash payments table petty cash statements in local shop steward council


check vouchers make sure that there is a financial statement and make sure that money has been deposited in the regional account and the financial statement tabled at the local shop steward council.

Direct contributions

ensure that all money is receipted and deposited in the regional account

Meeting expenses/ workshops

all requests to be on a standard Numsa form check requests and vouchers make sure that money that has been claimed for expenses was paid out accordingly eg. transport and venue make sure that vouchers and change were forwarded to the regional office check the attendance register and forward it with the local report to the regional office.

Regional finances

Money received should match money deposited cheques paid should match vouchers when checking financial statements, make sure cheque numbers are in sequence. check: all vouchers, petty cash, deposit and receipt books on a monthly basis data capturing of Accpac telephone and fax accounts for abuse national financial statements report to locals concerned and report of any outstanding vouchers and money cross check all loss of earnings (LOE), transport claims with meeting dates make sure: there are no double claims or payments organisers do not claim twice eg. petrol and km locals deposit all money received eg. donations, direct contributors into regional account head office has been informed of any excess km claims for tax purposes head office has been informed of staff loan repayments to ensure correct deductions staff members entitled to housing subsidy still own property staff members entitled to a travelling allowance still own a car that is road-worthy question any high account

"Now I am 'wys' how to cross check statements and vouchers," says Mangena of Boland Local. "This workshop helped me a lot.

Share your ideas on how you look after the union's finances in your region/local. In the Western Cape , each local has a LOB who is responsible for finances.


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