National Bargaining Congress: Touching a hot spot!

Northen Transvaal sponsors a 'core' demand that says that shopstewards must be paid for training received. Cde Mentsh Motsepe, Northern Transvaal regional secretary, in his very persuasive voice addresses the conference on the contentious issue.
The conference is attentive (all delegates are shopstewards).

You can hear the noise of a falling pin! Cde Abes Mathibela, Mpumalanga regional secretary, seeks clarity as to which category of shopstewards – 'are we talking about full-time shop stewards here or part-time shopstewards?' Without waiting for a response like 'bonke bekunene and labadzala benta' (the Swazi elders), he eloquently puts forward his view that it is impossible to say that you will pay all the shop stewards i.e. part/ full time shop stewards for training received.

Other regions are of the view that the union's constitutional structures should discuss the matter and develop a clear and concise policy around the matter.

Cde Ngcobo, regional secretary from the region of 'uMatshinga' (Mtshali's region – KZN) comes hitting the nail on the head. He politely commends Northern Transvaal for their boldness in raising the matter, 'ngokuphosa itshe ehlokozini bavuse inyamazane engekho' (you must be careful when you throw a stone at a bush – you don't know what will come out and bite you).

He supports the regions that call for these to be referred to constitutional structures. He says, 'without going into details on how complex are these matters, moreover talking from experience in my region………'


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