National Bargaining Conference: NBC identifies organisational weaknesses

'Will our members strike for paid time off for shopstewards' was the debate of the day. 'Why do we want to table a demand of 20 days shop stewards leave when we already have 30 and 40 days in the Auto Companies,' Eastern Cape comrades asked.

If we are weak at plant level how will we achieve it nationally? Aren't we taking the work of organisers at local level away from them? Don't worry comrade shopstewards, although the NBC agreed that the principle should be tabled at national level in the motor and engineering sectors, strategy and campaigns need to be developed at local and regional level to address the amount of days.

The demand is: "employers must provide reasonable paid time off for shopstewards and office bearers." It is the responsibility of the shop stewards in their factories, the locals and regions to negotiate the amount of days.


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