National Bargaining Conference: Demands for Engineering


CPI-X + 5% improvement factor


CPI-X measures inflation and keeps workers' wages at the same standard of living. A 5% improvement factor will improve workers' standard of living.

Labour brokers:

Workers should be employed on a permanent basis after working with the primary employer for more than 3 months

Duration of agreement

Agreement must last for two years

Employment security:

Employers must set up:

an Entitlement Fund a Work Security Fund

Severance Pay must be increased to 4 weeks per year of service


The Entitlement Fund would include for example, all employees' severance pay and one month's notice pay for all workers, in the event of the company going into liquidation the next day.


training must be during working hours learnerships should prioritise current or internal employees there must be guaranteed employment for those completing learnerships wages paid to apprentices and those doing learnerships must be equal for every 4 artisans there must be 1 learnership or apprentice

Health and safety:

family responsibility leave must be 5 days per occurrence in the event of death of spouse, employee's parents, grandparents, adoptive parents, adopted children, grandchildren, siblings one free pap smear for women and one free prostate cancer test per year for men with paid time off companies to provide anti-retroviral drugs for those living with HIV/Aids where necessary

Shift allowance:

20% for night shift workers 15% for afternoon shift workers Leave and leave enhancement pay: 20 working days leave and 13th cheque after completing one year's service


delete section that deals with deductions or non-payment of overtime for absence without employer's permission employers should pay workers at overtime rates, when employer recalls workers from short-time because of poor management

Re-employment clause:

when an employer retrenches workers, and subsequently needs to employ new workers, he must give preference to those that he originally retrenched and to other retrenchees in the industry. The employer must employ new workers directly and not use a labour broker

Paid time off for shop stewards and office bearers:

Employers must give paid time off for shop stewards and office bearers to attend union meetings and training

Limited duration contract:

Restrict short term contracts to specific categories of work. Workers in other categories of work must be permanently employed.


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