National Bargaining Conference: Core Demands

Wages and Duration of the agreement:

Numsa will:

demand a wage increase of the consumer price index (CPI-X) plus 5% improvement factor. continue to narrow the wage gap. demand that wages of motor workers are backdated to the date of the signing of the collective agreement. demand two year wage agreements in engineering and motor.

Job Security

Numsa will:

protect and defend jobs of its members at all costs. demand that employers establish both an Entitlement Fund and a Work Security Fund. struggle for an increased retrenchment package. resist the casualisation of its members.

Workplace Restructuring

Numsa will ensure that:

employment is guaranteed in restructured companies; restructured companies maintain and improve working conditions and wages; retrenchment will be resisted outsourcing being a S197 issue, all workers who are transferred must enjoy the same terms and conditions of employment.

Grading and Training

Numsa will demand that:

training should take place during working hours; employment should be guaranteed for learnerships there should be an increase in apprenticeships; the wages paid to an apprentice and someone in a learnership should be equal.; employers should commit themselves to train and equip workers; all employers must comply with the relevant Acts. the union will continue to negotiate work-place skills plans at plant level; training committees will be established in all plants.

Health and Safety

Numsa will:

fight for improved health and safety conditions; negotiate for health and safety committees to be established in all workplaces; demand that employers pay for and allow time off for pap smears and prostate testing; demand that family responsibility leave be increased; demand that companies that fail to comply with health and safety measures and regulations should be reported to the Department of Labour.


Numsa will demand that:

companies provide anti-retroviral drugs free; companies provide access to sustainable anti-retroviral therapy when clinically indicated; companies establish policies and programmes to provide for education, counselling and support for people living with HIV/Aids and their families; companies end all discrimination against people living with HIV/Aids.

Labour Brokers

Numsa will:

demand that after three months any workers provided by a labour broker are deemed to be permanent employees of the client company; continue to resist, using its strength and power, the employers' use of labour brokers. continue to force labour brokers to comply with the Main Agreements in our industry. 

The motor sector will only negotiate wages this year. Next year, it will take these core demands as its bargaining demands.


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