I would like to add my concerns about attendance at Cosatu locals by shop stewards from Numsa. There are only four or five who attend. They see no need to attend regularly. That is why when we try and implement programmes of action, there is no-one to be found to implement tasks. We are trying to revive the Cosatu local but shop stewards there are not active.

Also we took resolutions to go out and recruit comrades into the SACP but we said that it is not fair to go out and recruit members if we as shop stewards are not members. That does not make any sense. Shop stewards must join first before they recruit but now some join and some not.

Maybe they want to be instructed by the councillors. Because we approached the councillors to join the SACP and they acted as if they didn't know what we were talking about. That is the problem that we also encounter. But they want us as ward committees to recruit more members for the ANC but they don't recruit for Cosatu nor the SACP.

When you check the print out for SACP you find the councillors' names appear on that list but their membership expired a long time ago. When you ask them to rejoin, they keep on promising but nothing happens. Maybe that is why they call us this 'ultra left' thing. They have forgotten where SACP and Cosatu come from and they undermine SACP and Cosatu.

They don't understand that we don't fight our government but we are fighting job losses. Because it is only SACP and Cosatu who see job losses. As workers we are mandating them to talk to Jeff Hadebe not cde Jeff Hadebe, to stop privatising government assets.

Job losses is our enemy. Our neighbours are not working. It is only those who are working who are able to buy groceries and share them with those that are not working.

Mike Mazibuko, Kempton Park Local

Amadou Diallo

Down-town racist Fifth Avenue, NY Way-down, hard-core of America society. On command, law of the day let loose, As a son of man, through spinelessness, Was rid of his onesome life.

Naked as the truth, on foreign grounds, Amadou Diallo, a net of fireworks he greeted. Reasons cited, thought armed. 41 American shots, him crossed swords with for to pursue, verdict of the new millenium, Roundstone cowboys not guilty.

Way back in Africa , A poor man's next of kin From home, waiting in vain. Outa case, absurd rulings.

Come day of Judgement In the next life, the Lord's choice to rejoice. Souls as such, be embraced by the Father. Lest we forget, on America soil An Africa soul, Amadou Diallo.

On February 4, 1999 , Amadou Diallo, an unarmed, Guinean-born street vendor, was killed by members of the NYPD's Special Crime Unit. They thought he was a serial rapist they'd been looking for. They shot him because they said they thought he was reaching for a gun. They fired 41 bullets, hitting him 19 times. All 4 police officers were acquitted.


Worker leaders – people's leaders

As shop stewards you are elected because workers trust you and they believe in your capability. It is required that you maintain your position wherever you are.

You have to balance the political situation in your area, public transport and also at home.

People in the country need to know more about the tri-partite alliance, privatisation and even globalisation can be on the agenda.

Take for example a cable from Metrorail is stolen. You grab the information then you must do whatever you can to stop crime otherwise you are responsible for comrades or workers who are affected by that stolen cable eg. Challenging the dismissal case because a worker arrived late at work.

One of the comrades amongst us said – "build and strengthen the alliance otherwise history will judge you." Take the issue of the US … I mean the ANC as government won't stand only on its own to answer that.

I am sure that it needs people of the country – politicians, church people, NGOs, sportsmen and women to stand up and raise their hands saying "together we can do that".

Jan, Germiston LocalAmadou Diallo By a VW worker.


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