Funeral Benifit: How to Claim

Increasing fraud in the country is forcing Lesaka Holdings to force claimants to produce more and more documents before they can claim successfully.

If you have a death in your family, you must first collect all these documents:


The pay slip of the Numsa member showing that subscription payments have been paid to Numsa in the last week/month before the death.

The death certificate or a certified copy Certified copy of the ID of the person that has died Certified copy of the ID of the person who is claiming If the cause of death was "unnatural", a full certified Police Report. If your spouse dies, you need a copy of your marriage certificate.

If you are married by customary marriage, you need a certified copy of your customary marriage certificate from the Magistrate If you are traditionally married, you need an affidavit from one set of parents stating what was received and another affidavit from the other set of parents stating what was paid for lobola AND an affidavit from the tribal chief.

You need a certified copy of the bank statement (or an original) for the bank account into which you want the money deposited. If you don't have a bank account, then you must write an affidavit requesting a cheque and stating to whom the cheque must be paid. (The office will help you)

If your child dies, you need an affidavit(s) to say that you are the child's parents and you must have certified copies of your ID documents.

If the child is stillborn:

you must have a letter from the doctor confirming the period of the pregnancy


you must produce form BI 1663 Abridged Death Certificate

If the child is less than 16 years:

you must produce the Abridged Death Certificate AND the birth or baptism certificate or the clinic card AND BI 1663

If the child is more than 16 years:

you must produce the ID AND the Abridged Death Certificate

If the child is more than 21 years up to 25 years:

you must produce the ID AND a letter from the Educational Institution confirming the child's permanent attendance and course registration form.

Once you have collected all these documents, get a 5-page claim form from your nearest Numsa office, your shop steward or by phoning

Lesaka on 0861 520 520.


1. You must submit all documents within six months of the person's death.

2. You must get copies of all documents signed and certified by the SAPS as "Certified a true copy of the original" by taking both the copy and the original to the SAPS.

This is what you or your family is paid if someone dies

Member R 4000 Spouse/s R 2000 Children 14 -21 R1500 per child Children 6-13 R1000 per child Children 1-5 R750 per child Stillborn to 11 months R750 per child

If you pay an extra amount of R8 per month directly to Lesaka Holdings, you will get increased death benefits for you and your family for example, a member's benefit will increase from R4000 to R8000.

And if you want to cover your extended family as well, these are the charges that apply:

Extended family cover

Under 65 years R3000 cover for only R10 p.m. Under 65 years R6000 cover for only R22 p.m Between 65-80 years R2000 cover for only R25 p.m Between 65-80 years R4000 cover for only R52 p.m

Ask at your nearest Numsa office or phone Lesaka on 0861 520 520.


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