Benefits: Industry Sick Pay Funds

Many Numsa motor and engineering members belong to sick pay funds in their sectors:

Metal and Engineering Sick Pay Fund Are you a member? If you work in the engineering industry, look on your pay slip. If you are a member, you should see a deduction for 'sick pay' or something like that. You pay 0.18% of your weekly wage to belong to the Fund. Your employer pays the same amount. If you see no deductions for sick pay, but you do see deductions for 'council' then you can join if you want to. Please contact your local office to find out more….

The Fund pays these benefits after a year's membership if you go on maternity leave (or adopt a child under two years):

55% of your wage up to a maximum of 6 months (16 weeks for adoption). (But if you go back to work before 6 months, they won't pay you after you have gone back to work.) if your baby is stillborn, you will receive 55% up to a maximum of 3 months. you will also receive an additional amount, which is equivalent to the pro-rata leave, and bonus, which you would have received if not on maternity leave. up to a maximum of 3 pregnancies (or adoptions).

Members can get an advance payment of up to four weeks after completion of your first week of absence.

Motor Industry Sick, Accident and Maternity Fund

Qualifying period – you must be a paid up member for 13 consecutive weeks (3 months). Benefits – 30% of your ordinary daily pay up to 26 weeks (6 months) and for adoption of a baby under 6 months. Submit claims to the motor regional council within six months. If you want to belong to the fund, your employer must be a member of the employer organisations – RMI and FRA. You do not contribute – employers pay R5.20 to the Fund on your behalf.


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