Woman, mother and organiser

IPHI IMBOKODOThe purest water that is available for all becomes muddy

When a horse drinks water from the river, the clearer the water, the clearer its reflection is in that water, so much so that the animal thinks that the reflection is another animal drinking from its water.

The horse hoofs the ground so as to scare the animal away. The top soil shifts and this is what makes the water muddy.

When I was an Administrator, I was working collectively, we helped each other with all shop stewards. There is no doubt that I have chosen the worst possible time to become an organiser. Perhaps when they saw me developed, there was no joy in their hearts, but only envy.

There is a river of female Administrators/ shop stewards with clear, clean water (skills and capable) to move into organising positions but when observing the relationship between organisers and some office bearers/ shop stewards behaving like the horse they become scared. This is a serious challenge facing us as women.

Shop stewards and union officials need to work together and not judge others by their appearances, race, sex etc. We can differ on some aspects, but this will not remove the need for us to work together as much as we can.

If we are to develop the potential of our country and redress past discrimination and exclusions, then working together is important to build a strong labour movement for the good of workers and the country as a whole.

To all women/female Administrators and shopstewards, there's a dire need to step directly into organising positions in your region no matter what. Let's change the horse's mind and let it drink clean water.

Margareth Nomvula Motswene, Secunda Local Organiser


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