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For years Numsa's demand to employers has been – "extend the Main Agreement to cover the former TBVC states and self-governing territories". At last we have won. Below is the full text of the gazetted agreement. If you fall under these areas and you need advice on how to get your employer to pay the new rates, contact your local organiser.

Annexure E

Extension of the Main Agreement to the former TBVC Independent States and self-governing territories

The Agreement is extended to the former TBVC independent states (Republics of Transkei, Bophuthatswana , Venda and Ciskei ) and the former self-governing territories (KwaZulu, QwaQwa, Lebowa, Gazankulu, KaNgwane and KwaNdebele).

The objectives are to make the terms and conditions of the Main Agreement applicable throughout the Republic of South Africa whilst retaining employment in these areas.

The following conditions apply:

1) The additional week's paid leave for qualifying employees in terms of Clause 13 of this Agreement will become applicable from July 1, 2003 .

2) The following minimum wage rate dispensation will apply.

Effective Date Applicable wage rate in terms of Clause 3(a) of Part II of this Agreement

1 July 2002

1 July 2003

1 July 2004

1 July 2005

40% of the Main Agreement rate

60% of the Main Agreement rate

80% of the Main Agreement rate

100% of the Main Agreement rate

Those individual companies which are unable to comply with the above minimum wage structure or other conditions of employment, may apply to the Council for exemption to apply a lesser wage or from complying with other conditions in terms of the Council's exemption policy.

3) The magisterial district of Moretele* is excluded from the operation of this Annexure. The Bargaining Council is the sole forum for the negotiation of conditions of employment contained in the Main Agreement in these regions. Existing commitments to engage in plant-level bargaining on these issues will no longer be in force.

* Moretele covers the area of Babelegi where an area agreement is already in place which has higher rates than has been agreed to above.


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